How to Buy the Best Coffee Machine

Today, buying a machine that makes one of the most treasured magic (coffee) is far from easy. With massive variations in the available types of machines from percolators to pods and pumps, it is a daunting task picking the best. Generally, we all simply want one device – the one that makes the best coffee, or don’t we?

Coffee machines have been selling and spreading like wildfire. According to statistics, a fifth of homeowners has this gadget in their kitchens. You may want to join this growing number or have an upgrade to your machine – if you already belong here. Therefore, what are some of the crucial aspects to look for in a coffee machine? Are there any tips available to help?

We have you covered with the following well-researched suggestions, which should help you get the best coffee machine, ultimately.

1. The type of machine you need

There are plenty of options in the market, including pod, filter, pump, and bean-to-cup machines. The choice you make should heavily depend on what style of coffee awakens your spirit in the morning.

For instance, if you love to make a pot of coffee or American-style coffee, then you might opt for a filter machine.

Conversely, if you are an espresso purist and want great handmade coffee, then a pump machine may be appropriate. Barista lovers equally have their shot at happiness with a machine that delivers everything from Americano to cappuccino – the bean-to-cup machines, of course.

2. Features – they determine whether you get value for money

Different machines have distinct features, based on the brand or manufacturer. From the primary elements to the smart technology, you need to make sure that the one you buy has most of the advanced specs. Some of the fundamental aspects to check include the following:

  • Wattage – the higher this spec is, the faster it is for the water to heat up. A handy advantage when making several espressos.
  • Bar pressure – the optimum bar pressure is between 15 and 19. You do not want your lips tasting bitter espressos.
  • Valve – most of the valves on modern machines are automatic and solenoid, which turn up water pressure and go off immediately the extraction is over.
  • Thermoblock – the right temperature is what delivers a perfect flavor. A thermoblock uses a pump to heat water.
  • Smart technology – although secondary, it is still imperative to have a machine with modern and high-end features. Most variants available today have a smart connection to a mobile app that helps brew your coffee on the go.

3. Pricing

This may not be the main thing to consider. Nonetheless, it is essential to look at the price. Some models tend to cost more due to the features they have. However, there is more to what meets the eye. Always take your time and search through the ocean of products that make good coffee.

Coffee machines recommendations

Luckily, we made the tedious search for the best coffee machines easier for you by narrowing down on the main products.

Here are three of our top recommendations for coffee machines that are efficient, advanced, and affordable, which will leave you coming back for more of this highly sought-after beverage.

By the way, these links below are affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you do end up purchasing. It’s at no extra cost to you, and please if you have any questions related to these products, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them for you.

De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Machine EC685M

Compact and eye-catchy, the De’Longhi Dedica gives you a pleasant taste of espresso. This is not your typical espresso maker, as it steams milk for those incredible café drinks. Besides, it has an ideal cup warmer.

Even though it has higher pricing than average espresso models, it is worthwhile. With the ability to extract massive flavors from lightly roasted and finely ground coffee beans, what else are you looking for? After all, average espresso machines cannot achieve this fete.

Noticeably lighter, taller, and thinner, the De’Longhi has a sophisticated finishing, which features a faux-chrome plastic exterior encompassed with a shiny metallic coating. It not only gives you the best beverage but also blends in appropriately with your countertops.

Like any other machine, it is not flawless, but let us face it – the good outweighs the bad in this model.

De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso, Coffee Machine, EC685M, Metal

Metal De’Longhi Icona Pump Espresso Coffee Machine ECO310W

This by far one of the fanciest and most stylish coffee makers under the De’Longhi division. One of the primary selling points from the manufacturer’s perspective is the patented manual cappuccino system. This impeccable system grants you a direct privilege to the thickest, richest, and longest-lasting foam of coffee.

Conveniently and directly serve shots of espresso pods and share with your loved ones. It has a 3-in-1 filter, which allows you to brew the perfect coffee beverage. Moreover, it has a 15 bar pump, which delivers tasty espressos.

As if none of the above features are enough for proper applaud, this device has dual thermostats and a stainless steel boiler for heating the coffee to optimum temperature. Enjoy both the espresso and cappuccino just the way you love with this fantastic coffee machine.

De’Longhi Icona Pump Espresso, Coffee Machine, ECO310W, White

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine Black Sesame BES870BKS

The result you yearn for depends on the process you choose. A potent machine can step up your game and ensure that you get the best coffee beverage to soothe your desire. Get your fresh beans and turn them into espresso in less than one minute.

With eighteen adjustable grind settings, you are sure of brilliant results from your coffee beans. You also get the choice of an automatic or manual operation at your disposal. The dose-controlled grinding delivers freshly ground coffee into the portafilter for your preferred taste.

The device has digital temperature control, which ensures that water is at the precise temperature needed for the entire process. This equally extracts all of the espressos optimally. You can also create latte art easily on this machine thanks to the micro-foam milk texturing.

Finally, the pressure gauge aids in optimum extraction while other accessories such as the integrated tamper, razor dose trimming tool, coffee scoop, and the milk frothing jug make usability easier. It is available in black sesame color, which blends in well with other items in your kitchen.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Black Sesame, BES870BKS
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