The complete guide on how to buy the best coffee beans 2020

Let’s not deny that coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and that people can’t make through a day without it. Blame it on your genes or a way to cope up with the burgeoning work pressure or simply out of love, this brewed drink occupies the first thing on one’s list when starting a day. It’s also a great thing way to socialise over when catching up with friends on weekends. But the question is how can you ensure a satisfying cup of coffee at home? Well, by brewing the best coffee beans! However, in the market, where only 10% of the finest coffee reaches the people, how can you ensure you have only the premium beans at your disposal? If you are hunting down only the best then we have some expert tips to transform this stressful and confusing chore into an adventurous one.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans to Buy

Here are some tips, coming right from the horse’s mouth, on what to look out for while purchasing coffee beans.

Tips #1: Stop for Roast Date before adding it to your Cart

It’s rule #1 for every buyer craving the best coffee beans. Much like bread or other perishable items treat coffee the same way and always remember that they are the freshest when they reach your cup sooner after the harvest. This is exactly what’s indicated by a roast date. So, when going through a sea of options, always grab the ones which were last roasted 3 to 5 days back. However, since it’s difficult to come across one, you can relax the days and consider anything between 7 to 21 days for a perfect brew. However, anything beyond that is ‘stale’ and loses the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness, thereby causing a decline in flavour levels.

Tip #2: Fathom out the different Roast Levels

Just as food and drinks undergo treatment, coffee beans are no exception here. The roasting levels can range from light to dark and beyond. Though it’s mostly the job of a specialist coffee roaster to distinguish between them to serve coffee lovers with the finest flavour and quality, you should also give it a thought to understand your personal preference. While light roasts taste like toasted grain, medium roasts give off a balanced aroma and flavour. On the contrary, the medium-dark roasts taste somewhat spicy with an intense flavour and aroma, whereas the dark roasts have a burnt flavour and attract them who have a subtle interest in smoky essence. Regarding the caffeine content, it gradually decreases down the line.

So then, what about the optimal roast level? Well, there’s no such thing as optimal and it’s a myth. Speaking of preference, it’s entirely subjective and usually depends on one’s location. So, if you belong to the West Coast of the US, your inclination would be mostly towards darker roasts, as opposed to the ones living in the Eastern Coast. The same is true for Spanish, French and Italians, all of whom are fond of darker roasts.

Tip #3: Limelight on Origin

No two coffee beans from different regions are the same. From soil to climatic conditions, everything affects its phenotype and causes the favour of coffee bean to change. Collectively, it’s called ‘terroir’ and it plays a vital role in shaping the flavour of your daily cup. While Ethiopian coffee beans have a sweet and juicy taste, those from Papua New Guinea have a well-balanced flavour. So, decide what stimulates you more and then choose your coffee beans.

Tip #4: Avoid Oily Beans

Until and unless of course, you have a certain fascination for smoky flavours! But considering the population in general, people usually go for high caffeine content and as discussed it can only be traced in lighter beans. These tend to have no oil on bean surface and never taste burnt or bland like over-roasted oily ones. Wondering why oils penetrate through the surface? Well, it’s simply because over-heating causes oil to leak through the cell pores and form an oily coating above.

Tip #5: Go for Whole Coffee Beans

If you wish to experience the best of flavours and aroma! So, it’s all in the label as you can quickly decipher. Moreover, it’s a good indicator of quality in contrast to ground coffee.

Tip #6: Check for a Fair Trade Label imprinted on its Package

Sometimes it’s not just about flavour, aroma or freshness but about supporting the world’s poorest producers. Though the impact of the particular label on the quality of coffee beans is debatable, we think the certification is much needed on your chosen product as it acts on self-satisfaction that the benefits of a transparent trade model are flowing in to everyone involved in the community, right from the farmer to the consumer.

The tips above are certainly a guide for the beginners, who have recently started taking interest in knowing about their favourite beverage. But, the guide shall remain incomplete without a few suggestions. Hence, get ready to come across three of our top coffee bean recommendations.

Best Coffee Beans to Buy – Recommendations from a Coffee Enthusiast

Are you are a ‘cafephile’? Do you belong to the group of people, who doesn’t just love coffee but live for it? Then here are some of the premium coffee products for not just a satisfying cup but also to help you go through the day.

Lavazza Top Class Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Lavazza is not just Italy’s favourite coffee but also one of our preferred coffee beans, occupying the top position in our list of most recommended coffee beans. Wondering what contributed to its name and fame? Well, it’s pure dedication, stretching for over 120 years, from four generations of Lavazza family to provide coffee-lovers with an exceptional blend and an authentic Italian experience.

Speaking of its history and origins, its journey started back in 1895 when Luigi Lavazza invented the innovative concept of procuring beans from various regions of India and Brazil and blending them to create a balanced medium espresso roast. There’s so much to learn from them, especially the perfection part!

Coming back to the present day, Lavazza Top Class Whole Bean Coffee Blend today arrives with a mix of Robusta coffee from Java and Arabica coffee from India and Brazil. The smooth finish with hints of dried fruit and bitter chocolate is probably what makes every cafephile drool over it. Best suited for espresso machines; it generates wafts of irresistible aroma to escape from a cup filled to the brim with it. In a nutshell, it’s a piece of Italy served in a cup.

Lavazza Top Class Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, 2.2-Pound Bag

Subtle Earth USDA Organic Whole Bean

Subtle Earth USDA Organic coffee beans as the name hints are delicate on our planet and its resources. So, if you are both a coffee-lover and a conservationist, this one’s for you! A Honduran coffee by origin, it’s cultivated in the Marcala region, where holistic methods are practised. Such cultivation techniques might be traditional but at least free from harsh chemical inputs. What offers a rich flavour and a vibrant taste at the outset has artisan farmers toiling up day and night behind the scene to make your morning a blissful one. A thoughtful combination of an ancient technique like vermiculture and cascara composting mingle to generate a nutrient-rich fertiliser to suffuse full flavour into the beans. And to add to it, no insecticides go into its production. Although the high altitudes, where it’s chiefly grown are blessed with an insect-free region, in times of pest infestation, the farmers go for natural repellents like pepper plants to keep insects at bay.

Speaking of the depth of flavour, this organic gourmet coffee tastes exceptional with a smooth and low-acidic content. Prepared from Arabica coffee beans, it carries a subtle touch of roast, which thankfully doesn’t overpower the slight caramelisation responsible for the sweet and pleasant aftertaste. And as for relishing, you can enjoy it through an Espresso Machine, via the Hand-Drip Method or as French Press, not to mention the Traditional Drip Machine, which is also possible.

Subtle Earth USDA Organic Whole Bean Coffee Honduran Marcala Medium-Dark Roast Bag 907 Grams

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir – Cold Brew Coffee, Ground, 470ml

It’s not just an exceptional coffee, but a wish come true for people desiring carbon negative and Earth positive beverages! Founded by a team of coffee artisans, who are compassionate towards the planet, it proudly carries a Fair Trade label. Speaking of the carbon-negative property of the product, the manufacturers make every effort to restore the CO2 lost in producing and distributing the coffee beans to the environment once again by funding reforestation initiatives in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest.

As stated before, the Fair Trade label doesn’t affect the flavour or the taste much, but the cold-pressing technique does. And the said coffee beans complement the very technique with its blend of light and dark roasted beans. The outcome? Well, an intense and smooth cold press coffee free from the undesirable bitterness or acidity! The same shall add to your cold-pressing experience at home and soothe your over-sensitive digestive system. Moreover, it’s less demanding, requiring only your time but not undivided attention for a cold-brew coffee.

Go, Explore & Make an Informed Decision!

Whether you drool over a cup of espresso or a mug of no non-sense black coffee or a luxurious latte, never disregard coffee beans, as it’s the most essential ingredient. So, choose them wisely and take heed of the coffee bean recommendations to brew a perfect cup of strong flavourful drink.

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